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What are your rates?

We cannot provide one general rate for every customer. Rates will vary based on your annual usage pattern and current market conditions. We have several pricing options available. To get a quote, please fill out the authorization form.

Are you accepting residential customers?

No. At this time we are not accepting any residential customers.

How long is your contract term?

For electric, there is no long-term commitment. We only require a 30-day cancellation notice. For natural gas, contracts are generally for a 1-year term.

How will I receive my invoice, and how will I pay it?

We offer many options to receive and pay your invoices. Click here for more details.

Why am I still receiving an invoice from my utility?

You will still receive an invoice from your local utility for the transportation fees and a basic service charge. You will receive a separate invoice from Empire Natural Gas for the energy portion of your bill.

Why is the usage quantity on my Empire Natural Gas invoice different than the quantity on my utility invoice?

This difference is due to fuel loss. Empire Natural Gas bills you in Dths (Dekatherms) at the City Gate, while the utility bills you at the Burner Tip. In order to convert the Burner Tip quantity to Dths at the City Gate please do the following: 

  1. If the utility quantity is in Therms, divide it by 10. If it is in CCFs, divide by it 10 and multiply by the BTU factor (~1.03). If it is in Dths, leave it alone.
  2. Divide that quantity by 1 minus the Fuel loss.

Quantity on LDC invoice is 160 Therms and the current fuel loss for that area is 1.539%.
160/10 = 16 Dths
16 Dths/(1-.01539) = 16.25 Dths

Fuel Loss:

  • NYSEG: 0%
  • RG&E: 0.729%
  • National Grid: 1.672%
  • Corning Natural Gas: 0.27%
  • National Fuel Gas Distribution: 1.69%

Will I notice a change in my service?

No, your service will continue uninterrupted. Your local utility will still be responsible for the maintenance on the lines and be available for any problems or concerns that arise.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

Please call your local utility in the event of an emergency.

Below is a list of emergency numbers for each area that we are in:

  • NYSEG (Gas): 1-800-572-1121
  • NYSEG (Electric): 1-800-572-1131
  • RG&E (Gas): 1-800-743-1702
  • RG&E (Electric): 1-800-743-1701
  • National Grid (Gas): 1-800-892-2345
  • National Grid (Electric): 1-800-892-2345
  • National Fuel Gas Distribution (Gas): 1-800-444-3130
  • Corning Natural Gas (Gas): 1-607-936-3755 or 1-800-834-2134
  • St. Lawrence (Gas): 1-800-673-3301