Good People, Reliable Energy

Established in 1989, Empire Natural Gas is an industry leader in energy supply and management. We specialize in economical and reliable natural gas delivered primarily in Upstate New York. In addition, we are an electric supplier in all areas served by NYSEG, RG&E, and National Grid. Besides being an energy supplier, Empire Natural Gas also specializes in gas management. No matter what type of service you are interested in, we partner with our customers to reduce overall energy costs while providing excellent customer service. We tailor our programs around the individual needs of each customer, regardless of size or location.

Customer benefits:

  • Reduced operating overheads, giving you the competitive advantage.
  • Outstanding reliability, high availability, and economically priced energy.
  • Clean burning natural gas is environmentally compatible.
  • Savings are not guaranteed, but many of our customers do save between 5-30%. Cost savings reports are available.
  • A free utility invoice auditing service which consists of a thorough audit of utility fees / charges. If Empire Natural Gas determines there are potential savings opportunities, the customer will be notified and provided with recommendations to take advantage of these savings.